Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stuck at Home Mom

I have been selling online and been a member of Cafemom for over a year now. It wasn't until I joined the group called Ebay sellers that I met ~eDee. First let me say wow does she have engery and tons and tons and tons of information. I was on the verge of quitting my online stores and trying to find a boring old job. Thing is I love being online, and I love selling. I was just so tired of beating my head against a wall to make anything. Then I met ~eDee and started reading her post she had on Cafemom Ebay sellers group. Everything she said was easy to follow and so simple to do. She has a great site Stuck at Home Mom. On this site you can learn about drop shipping, Real Paid Suvery Jobs, Affiliate marketing, Jobs at home and so much more. Oh yeah and she has stuff for FREE ON THERE.... clothes, movies, books. You pay for shipping the products is FREE!!! Thanks to ~eDee my online store is starting to do really well.

Cafemom also got me to start blogging. The next great group I found was Blogger Mommies. There are some really wonderful Bloggers in this group. I checked out some of the blogs and I am starting to following a couple. The Croley Gang and Jess Knows Best! I plan on checking every ones out. Its just hard with 3 little ones running around. I know most of you that will read this will totally understand that. Have a wonderful weekend

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