Friday, September 18, 2009

Blog Party!!!

This is my first ever blog party. I joined Blogaholics when I first started blogging a little over two months ago. Kim from Piece a cake decorating is the group owner. I am excited and hope this gets more and more readers for our blogs. I am going to highlight each person that is involved in the party..

Piece a cake decorating: Kim has awesome tips on cake decorating and sells edible images which as most of you know I used just a last week for my sons birthday cake. She is great about answering any questions and super fast on her shipping!!

Mother Trekker: Jen talks about traveling and how to make it easier on your kids . She gives some great travel activities for kids ages 3-5.

Boutique Stitches: Jennette features some of the most beautiful jewelry I have come across yet. She promotes other peoples jewelry to help spread the word . She also has a esty shop where she makes handmade bibs, washies and baby bottle wraps..

Mommy's Online Garage Sale: Jen has it all, baby, girls, boys, giveaways, handmade, junior, men, women, toys, reviews, and misc. No matter what your looking for you can find it here.

Stop by and check out these great blogs who knows what you will learn or find!! If you want to join the Party feel free and link with us.
Have a great Friday. I get to spend the day cleaning out my youngest closet. For the last six years I have used it as a place to store all the kids clothing, baby clothes everything. I am now going to go through it all. My oldest wants to change rooms and have her own room. I am going to move my youngest in with her brother and give my oldest her own room for awhile. Of course I have help of my two younger kids. My son does not have preschool today and my husband took Lexis to school. Lyssa already wants to go outside and jump on the trampoline. When I told her it was to cold out yet her response was no mommy its HOT HOT... OUTSIDE PLEASSSSSEEEEE... I can already tell how the day will go cleaning for maybe a hour if I am lucky and then outside for us...


  1. Thanks Kels :O)

    Great job on your Post....I'm jealous.

    I was in a hurry, should have waited until this afternoon but I wanted to get everyones links up.

  2. Hope the cleaning went well! Closets have a way of hiding things that you didn't even know existed!! I'm off to go check out the other blogs!

  3. Thanks for the great post! I hope you got some cleaning done. I hate closets :)

  4. WooHoo! Congrats!

    Stopping by from Cafe Mom Blogaholics.

  5. You have a award waiting on my blog. :)