Monday, June 22, 2009

Manic Monday 5 random things

I do not know about everyone else, but why is it so hard to get anything done on Monday!! Normally I am very organized person. Only today did not go as I planned..

1. I get up at 6am to my youngest child yelling MOM.... as loud as she can even though she is only across my hall. Of course her yelling also wakes up my other two children. I fix breakfast for all three, which consist of yogurt and toast. Then start packing my husbands lunch so he can go to work. Now this starts my second part of my morning oh yeah did I mention its only 8am....

2. The kids and I go outside to feed the cats, and dogs. Plus I know its going to be 100 degrees today and I want my kids to get some outside time in now while it is cool (if you can consider 87 cool). I take my laptop outside with me hoping to get my emails read while the kids are busy playing. Yeah what was I thinking... that lasted about 2 emails before I hear MOMMMMMM once again my youngest yelling at me. The funny thing is she does not yell at anyone else just me. She is wanting to swing. So after 10 minutes of swinging time...I once again sit down to try and finish my emails. Of course my battery light is flashing on my laptop( oops should have checked that before going outside). So I take it inside plug it in. I started dishes and laundry. Now here is where I made the big mistake of trying to include my youngest in my chores. My little Lyssa has a blanket and stuffed kitty that is pretty much attached to her hip. They needed washed so I have her put them in the washer along with some other stuffed animals and kids clothes. AFTER I put in soap and started the machine my youngest throws the mother of all fits..SCREAMING at the top of lungs for her blanket and kitty.. After having two other kids you would think I would learn by now. I explained to her that blanket and kitty needed a bath!! No that did not work. I finally just ended up ignoring the fit because frankly I am tired of hearing her scream and I know with her nothing will get through to her at this point. I walk away and finish the dishes. It is now 9:30am I still have not done any online work at all...Oh and I have not taken time to eat breakfast or workout.

3. After 30mins Lyssa finally stops screaming for her blanket but is sitting on the couch glaring at me. I am once again trying to finish reading my emails. I am new to blogging and trying to read other peoples blogs, look at some sites and trying to get a great idea for my own blog today! I did read a great blog How to get traffic to your blog and bookmarked a Blogging Bootcamp. Joined another group in cafemom Bloggin Moms. I just can not seem to concentrate on one thing today. I keep jumping around from thing to thing...Which could be from my kids interrupting me every few minutes for a drink, a toy, wanting t.v turned on... oh yeah and the endless snacks.

4 Finally 11am rolls around I finished checking emails responded to a couple. Added a new link on my site.

5. Noon, lunch time and all three of my kids are letting me know it. I fix the kids lunch, ham & cheese with pickles! Strawberries with splenda.. gotta love splenda. I sit down with them and get to eat finally. Now its 1pm which I call MOMMY TIME... my youngest goes down for a nap and my other two have quiet time. They do not nap anymore but they do rest and watch a movie or read books...So now I finally get to get some work done and blog. My blog today was not really thought out it just kinda happened. So to be continued..... later after the kids get in bed.

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  1. Your stuff looks cute and I will definately keep it in mind for a gift. It feels like everyone I know is pregnant. You should also check out Cafe Mom's Blogaholics group. There are some great ladies there who will help you and support your blog...I'm a follower :)