Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Need ideas!!!

I can not believe that two years has flown by. My baby my last one I will ever have is turning two years old on October 2nd. I know I have a couple weeks still but I have no idea what to do for her birthday party. She does not really watch t.v. or have a favorite character. She does love her little gray stuff kitten "GRACE". I am debating on another edible image from Kim that worked great for Trevens birthday but not 100% sure. I do not know what to do... sigh. Plus I have no idea what gift to get her. The worst thing is she has everything because my older two just passed down all their stuff. My mother in law is getting her a little pink car that she can sit in. We have legos, playdough, baby dolls, tons and tons of stuff. I want something that is just for her. Not a hand me down. UGGGG I just do not know what to do. All ideas suggestions are need and welcome...I want it to be a special birthday, I know she won't really care but I care!!!


  1. If she's two, maybe you could take her to Chuck E Cheese's for her birthday. My son loved it for his third birthday party. They do all of the set up, clean up etc. If you do it on a week day, it's cheaper than a weekend and usually less crowded. Or, you could do a Build a Bear workshop party with a few of her toddler friends. They have adorable critters and they play games etc. with the kids.

  2. We had the sweetest party for my daughter. We threw her an enchanted fairy party. All the little girls and my daughter were dressed in tutu's as little fairies. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some foam wands for a $1.00 and had the little one's decorate them with stickers and such. I filled small salt shakers bought from target with gold glitter and we pretended that it was fairy dust. For the finale, we hired a face painter to do all the girls faces. It's really so much less expensive than you think. There's a website you can go to where you enter in what type of party performer you are looking for and people send you their best bid. I think I paid less than $50 for 2 hours of time. This was her gift. Good luck and have fun! Thanks so much for your sweet comment over at my place!