Monday, September 14, 2009

Rockets, Trampolines oh my what a day!!!

Treven turns FIVE today!!!!! We celebrated on Saturday with a family party. I got a cake from Sams club and then ordered a Edible Image from Piece of Cake Decorating. Who is having a contest right now for a FREE Edible Image. Click on the link above to enter and your next birthday will be as simple as mine was. I had to modify my cake a little. There was three balloons on each corner so to make room for the image I took off four of the balloons. The image came in a plastic protective cover. We were suppose to put in the freezer for 90 seconds then let it sit for 5 seconds and peel off then lay on cake. Well we had a little trouble I think since I had the images for over a week sitting around which this is my fault totally.. I put the sheets in between my cookbooks to keep straight and not get bent. By doing that I know I pressed the images harder against the sheet making it harder for them to come off. All I had to do was take a sharp flat knife and score the edges then slide the knife under the image only one spot was tough and tore a little. I think you can kinda see it in the picture but over all it looks so neat. Everyone that seen it loved it. Designing the image was so much fun. I took a picture of my son sitting in the tractor and then added the wording I wanted and a frame around the picture. I sent the image to Kim who then printed it and mailed it the same day. I was originally going to make the cake and use some of his little tractors and fencing on the cake. My time got to busy and buying the cake pre-made ended up working out better.
His big gift this year was a trampoline. We put it together on Friday and had to keep it hid from him for a full day which was very hard. I drew him a treasure map to the trampoline and made him open that package last. Then we all went outside while he followed the map. His face was priceless and the first thing he said was.. I was going to order this for Christmas with Santa. The kids spent the rest of the day and evening on the trampoline.
Sunday we put together one of his other gifts. It is a seven foot rocket and it goes about 100 feet into the air. First you have to fill this little bottle on the side with water then it takes around 160 pumps with the air pump ( which about killed my arms) then you squeeze a blue ball and it releases the pressure and shoots it in the air. We did it three time before my arms were about to fall off. The kids really enjoyed it and we were able to put it all back in the box for another day. Over all he had a great birthday party him and his sisters jumped on the trampoline most the next day also. Around 6pm on Sunday night Treven crashed in the chair. Normally he doesn't take a nap but the two days caught up with him and he never even complained when I said it was bedtime at 8pm.....


  1. Happy Birthday Treven !!!!! Wow that cake looks great & I love those gifts. Thanx for sharing & I hope he has a great special day !!!!!

  2. Wow it looks like he had a great day. The cake looks awesome!

  3. Hi Kels, Do you mind if I use the picture of your cake on my blog? I'm going to use it as a part of our blog party and write a post about you. I understand if you don't want me to because it is a picture of your son. Let me know, Thanks!