Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh Boy! My son is all Boy!

Treven's I am tough face!!!!

After a long day of playing outside pretending he was farming, flying in a rocket, building fence, and taking care of cattle. My son falls asleep on the couch wearing ear muffs in the middle of the summer!! I had to take this picture it just cracked me up. My son is four years old and has a great imagination. He has a imaginary friend named Jane. Jane is a boy that lives in our shed and helps my son work on things. He will play outside for hours working on his rocket( which is our small slide) by the time they are done working on it. It will have sticks, my garden hose, my gardening can water, and anything else he can find around the yard. The sticks are his levers that make the rocket go, the garden hose is the fuel line( duhhh mom ), the gardening can is extra fuel because you do not want to be stuck on the moon without extra. Now for some reason Jane breaks the rocket and they always have to re fix it. I personally think this comes from the fact that something on the farm is always breaking down. As long as I keep him busy he is a great kid, if he gets bored then I am in trouble!!!


  1. Great imagination!! That is fantastic. I love the earmuffs. That is way too cute.

  2. He is so cute, sounds like my son as long as he is busy he is fine. :0)

  3. Super cute! Little boys are the best! :)