Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to make a Marriage Survival Kit!

This Saturday my husband and I were invited to a bachelor/bachelorette BBQ. They are getting married on the 1st of August. Since it is a couple's party instead of two separate parties I wanted to do something fun and light. Instead of the normal gifts I am taking a MARRIAGE SURVIVAL KIT. The kit includes the following and each item is labeled:

1. Two cans of speghettios-"Her night to cook" and "His night to cook".

2. Lube-"If your ever in a Jam"

3. Pad of paper-"His to do list(1. Keep her happy because if she isn't happy your not going to be happy)"

4. Chili powder-"To Keep it spicy"

5. Excedrin-"No more excuses"

6. Nasal Strips-"For the nights He/She snores"

7. Small towel-"Not at home quickie towel"

8.Chap stick-"Keep your lips kissable"

9. Duck Tape-"So she can tape his mouth shut before he gets in trouble"

10. Air freshener-"Honeymoons over he/she will start farting in bed now"

For this party it is suppose to be a gag gift. If you are looking for that a sentimental list go to Newlyweds Survival Kits Gifts Idea. That website has 112 different survival kit ideas, printable labels and tons of other things you can do. What is so great about this gift idea is you can customize it anyway you want. I googled marriage survival kit and got tons of ideas. Let me know what you think and if you have any other suggestions. I am still in the process of making the box...


  1. I love this! I am going to have to use this the next time I go to a party.

  2. How about a couple of "coupons" for a "free night out with the guys/girls"? That's an important component to marriage survival.

    PS -- how do you get your blog comments to say Little Ladybugs and not your name? Mine keep signing as Kate instead of Green Around the Edges but I don't know where to change that... Arg!

  3. Not totally sure Kate... I sign in under google with Little Ladybugs it just signs it like that. Not sure why. My google account is set under Little Ladybugs maybe that is why..

  4. I already commented before because I thought this was cool. Now I am back for the scavenger hunt. Still love it though.

  5. OMG!! this is great. I may just steal your idea and use it at the bridal shower that I am throwing for my brother's fiance!!