Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Continued from Manic Monday

Yesterdays blog was to be continued so today I will finish my Manic Monday. My kids were in fine form yesterday, all three where grumpy and I could not concentrate on anything. At 5:30 we drove to town for out last Tee ball game. My oldest was playing and it was 105 degrees outside :( way to hot for anything outside. I got there early knowing I wanted to park up close so we could stay in the van where it was some cooler. After 2 hours of watching the cutest kids ever try to hit a ball and run around base it was finally over. Yay.. or so I thought, I get everyone back in seats and try to start my van and nope won't start... My battery was dead..( a little back story here my van did this last week at tee ball also and had to have a friend jump my van. I told my husband that I needed a new battery, but he disagreed with me said I must have left the radio on or lights on to run the battery down.) mmm I know for a fact I did not leave lights or radio on I need a new battery.... Convincing my husband of that is another blog.. or gripe session.. I will spare you that, lucky for me I was parked next to the same friend and he jumped me again. We get home around 8:30 pm a hour after Lyssa goes to bed. She really ready for bed by now so I get her changed, in p.j's, brush teeth and get her NOW SUPER CLEAN BLANKET....( thank goodness it was dry and ready for her) I can not imagine the fit that would have been. Put her in bed with her Tad the Frog singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and she is done for the night.. Phew one down 2 more to go. 9pm I call the other two from outside we go through our nightly routine, pj's, teeth, book then bed. Of course it never goes that smooth for the next 30 minutes they are both coming out.. I need a drink, I need ___ fill in the blank until I say that is it.. enough its bed time!!!!!
10pm now and I start my homework. I am taking a free online HTLM class through Web Tech University. My website was designed by Storybook Sites, and now if I want or need any changes I have to have her do them. I am the type of person that when I wants something done I wanted it yesterday. I have a hard time waiting for anything to get done and then I have a real problem when it doesn't get done just the way I wanted it. I wanted to make a few changes to my site.. After waiting a Month for these changes I decided I need to just learn how to do it. I understand a lot about computers and kinda already know the basics. I found this great site that had free tutorial Code Punk. I wish I had found the site before I paid her to do any work!!! He is really easy to follow, I totally suggest anyone that wants to learn HTLM or CSS or Java Script to visit his site and read his tutorials. Finally at 11:30 my manic Monday ended when I dropped in bed and went to sleep.. I guess I got a few things done Tuesday will be better!!!

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