Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SEO Tool (Search Engine Optimization)

When you google SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) you will get tons and tons of information. So much information that its is overwhelming. There is one simple thing you can do to increase your search standing.

First: Click on this link Web-site grader .

Second: Enter your website URL you can also enter competing websites if you want to compare them.

Third: Enter your email address( this is optional) it sends the report to you so you can refer to it as much as you want. I suggest getting your first report sent to you.

Fourth: Then click on generate report. Within a few minutes you will have a very informative report of your website.

It gives you

I. On-Page SEO

II. Off-Page SEO

III. Blogosphere

IV. Social Mediasphere

V. Converting Qualified Visitors to Leads

VI. Competitive Intelligence

Now you ask what do I do with this information.?... This site explains each part in detail. It will tell you what changes you need to make. The first time I ran this report I scored a 25 :))... After making some really minor changes, like starting a blog. I did the report again and now I am at a 49.

There are some more changes I need to make, some of those changes I have to finish my HTML class first. Which reminds me I have a exam tonight. I hope I can remember all the little things. I will also have to take the exam after I get the lil munchkins in bed. No way can I do it with Lyssa trying to type and push buttons on my laptop( like she is trying to do now)!! Today's blog wasn't as fun as normal but I hope it was helpful. I love that site and use it a lot. There is a lot of great information on it. I am sure tomorrow I will have some more craziness from my kids and family that I can blog about. Not a day goes by that one if not all three do something that just cracks me up.... Have a wonderful day!!!!

P.S. If anyone has a site or SEO tips I would love to see them. Please leave me comments and links :)

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