Friday, June 26, 2009

Ten days!!!

Today was a very busy day around here. We started wheat harvest and I know to most you that doesn't mean anything. For us it means really long hours and a lot of running around. My father in law and husband cut all our wheat which over 1200 acres and it takes around 10 days. TENDAYS!!! Ten days of lunches being packed, ten days of running to get parts when they break down, ten days of taking dinners to the field, ten days of only seeing my husband for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening. Its also ten days my son is in heaven. He gets to go on the combine and truck. From morning to night he would go and never complain. The people at the elevators always give him suckers and pop ( things he doesn't get at home very often ). Ten days if we are lucky and it doesn't rain. In ten days I will be much happier!!!! So today I went to town to get groceries. For us going to get groceries takes half a day. I drive 60 miles to get to Wal-Mart or a Dillons. It is still a small town by most standards, if I want a Super Wal-Mart or Super Dillons I drive 90 miles. So today instead of thinking to hard on my blog entry I am taking a short cut.. I got home a few minutes ago and read my emails. A friend of mine from London sent me a really funny email. I just had to share these pictures. I hope if nothing else you get a laugh. Thanks Sam it made me smile and laugh!!

Title of the email was: You know when she upset!!!

Anyone ever done this type of stuff??? I know I have wanted to but always restrained myself:)


  1. Same here I always wanted to do stuff like that but never did. I love it so wild. I grew up in a small town & we had to drive a half hr to get a good deal on food or whatever we needed. That was soooo cute. Take care & HUGS :)

  2. Those pictures are too funny.

    Good luck with the next 10 days.