Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 Things I never dreamed I would say!!

There are days when I am a mom that I just shake my head and have to laugh. My husband and I have discussed this before. Before we were parents there are things I never dreamed I would say. Here is a list of some of those things.

1. " Do not lick the cat"( Lexis was 18 months and was watching the cat clean himself and she figured she would help. )

2. " Do not throw rocks inside the van" ( Treven 2 years old threw a big rock from his car seat and hit me in the head.)

3. " Go sit in the shoe room" ( All three of my kids have heard this one, and before you all think I am nuts. The shoe room is our entry room and that I were I keep the time out chair. All three have sat in that chair a lot.)

4." No mommy can not lick her own belly" ( This was just yesterday, Treven out of the blue wanted to know if I could lick my belly.)

5. " Dinosaurs do not bite mommy on the behind"( Treven 3 years old was dressed up in his dinosaur costume came up behind me while I was cooking and bit me hard on the behind after my shock I ended up laughing at this because he was so serious. Then had to go into mom mode and explain we do not bite people even when we are dinosaurs.)

6." We do not put stickers on your brother" ( Lexis was 17 months when I had Treven, one day he was sleeping hard, he was only 2 months old and she put Thanksgiving stickers all over him from head to toe.)

7." Lipstick is not for drawing on walls" ( Treven 2 years old found my lipstick the only one I own since I do not wear it and drew T's and other shapes all over my bathroom wall. Luckily it was in our upstairs bathroom and nobody sees it because I still to this day have not painted over it.)

8. "Eat with your fork not your FEET"( Lexis 5 years old wanted to see if she could pick up food with her toes. MMM yeah that didn't work well or go over well with me.)

9. "No mommy will not have this big belly forever."( When I was pregnant with Lyssa, Treven age 3 decided I would be big forever. Then he was really mad when I had her and was not coming to the hospital. He wanted a brother and still ask me when he is getting his brother. I have told him we are done having kids but he is holding out hope that someday he will get his brother.)

10. " Please do not stick toys in your nose, ear, mouth, or down in your diaper."( Pretty sure with all my kids that phrase was spoke more then once. Lyssa is now storing things in her shirt or pants. Toys, food, any little thing she can get a hold of.)

These are just a few of the phrase I have uttered over the years that I never dreamed I would be saying. I do thank god everyday for my family!!! Please share some of your phrases in the comments I love to read this stuff. Make me smile:)


  1. I love the one about Treven and the lipstick. It would be a shame to paint over the bathroom walls. After all, Treven just may be a budding artist and you will have a wall mural of the early years to show off to everyone. Take care, Brenda

  2. I Love all of those they are so cute. My 5 yr old for the longest time wouldn't go poop in the potty. I used to tell her pooping is fun & everyone does it. I couldn't believe I was saying that but you know it ended up working. It's funny what we do as parents. Have a great day !!!!

  3. OMGosh I thought I was the only person who ever said things like "Eat with your fork and not your feet."