Saturday, June 27, 2009

Buttons Buttons whos got the Buttons

Over the last couple days I have been designing buttons for a couple fellow Bloggers. After doing my own and a couple of these I found out that I LOVE doing this. I have mentioned before that I am taking classes in HTML. I finished my first class and have signed up for three more classes. I also am learning how to design websites and soon I hope to have one site done. I am considering a graphics site?? I have done a few designs and have them on Photobucket if you want to check them out and give me some feedback that would be great. So far I have only done buttons. Coming soon will be banners, logos, siggys and anything else I can come up with. I am looking for software that I can draw my own stuff with. If anyone knows some please leave me comments. I have heard Flash is good but I have not done any research yet. Today's is a short blog, I am going back to designing. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!!!!


  1. I love the buttons , Do you charge a certain price?????? I'm not very good when it comes to stuff like that. Have a great Saturday but I have hear that Flash is good too.

  2. So pretty but since it's for me I may be biased lol. Sorry I have checked in in a while between breaking my ankle and hubby returning from 15 month deployment, I've been busy.