Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cleaning Sunday

Sunday is the suppose to be the day of rest. Well.. I do that on Saturday. Sunday's here I clean my house and my computers. I know what you all are thinking (you only clean one day out of the week)...As all moms know you clean all day long everyday, the little things like dishes, sweeping the floor, LAUNDRY ( I hate doing laundry, but force myself to do a load a day so it don't over take the house), and all the eight million other little things we do everyday. Sundays here everything else gets that deep cleaning. Where I dust, vacuum, clean of my kitchen table that seems to collect the weeks of junk.. The things that nobody seems to put away, the top of my microwave catches change and jewelry. Wipe down the front of my cabinets and Lysol everything down. Move my furniture around. Just start the week out fresh and new. For the kids to mess up all over again....

That also includes my computers, we have 3 here. One desktop that my kids use, and 2 laptops. First thing I do is go through all my picture files, and arrange them in folders and delete what I do not need any longer. Since I have started designing I have a special folder just for graphics and images. Anytime I do a project it has its own folder. I am kinda obsessive when it comes to my computer being organized. I then go to my history and clear it out, just select all and delete. I also clear all private data here you have options and you can click on whatever you want to be cleared. I do cookies, cashe, and browsing history. I bookmark sites that I know I will use again, within my bookmarks I have folders again. One for blogs, personal use, business use, and ect.

Next I run my cleaners. First is AVG I downloaded the free version, you can set this up to where it runs everyday at a scheduled time of day. I choose to not do this because it is constantly running them therefore making my computer run slower. I do however run AVG everyday I just chose when to run it. Next I run Advanced Windows Care System this is a fix, scan, repair and optimize. This is not for virus control. This is also a free version. I run this one everyday also. I also have Spy Doctor which is not free but a very good virus control software. I run it once a week only. The last one I run is Tune Up Utilities, this is a fix, scan, repair and optimize also. This is not free either but well worth the money if you do a lot on your computer. I only run this one once a week also. I realize I have 4 cleaners and 2 are do the same thing as the other 2. I do not like running the spy doctor and tune up utilities everyday they take to long and I prefer to be on my computer doing other things. Avg and Advanced Windows care are pretty fast and catch most stuff. I also like to have the back up that if AVG does come across a virus I can double check it with spy doctor to make sure the virus is gone. If anyone has had a Trojan or some of the other virus out there you want them out... They can really mess up your system. After all my cleaners are done I empty out my recycling bin and check for updates. Once all updates are done I restart the computer and I am done for the week. I do this on my personal laptop every Sunday. This is my business and personal stuff and I do not want to lose anything. Keeping your files clean makes your computer helps it run smooth without all the hassles of it slowing down.

Happy cleaning Day!!!!


  1. I totally agree w/cleaning on Sunday. I do it to & for one reason my hubby is usually not working on Sundays & he can keep the kids out of my hair. The older ones know better they just like to bother, LOL. A mother works 24 /7 I remember hearing my Mom say that as a child. Work is never done cause at night the sheets are getting wrinkled, LOL. I just got my own laptop in Feb & it's my baby well not more inportant than my kids but my lifeline since I miss OHIO so much & I have met some of the nicest online friends. I do my own scans to. So we sorta sound alike. Loved your post today & the poem. Drop you a friend request on Cafe Mom later HUGS :)

  2. I am not a cleaning fan but my hated chore is