Friday, August 28, 2009

Helping a fellow blog mom out!!!

I feel like if we can not help each other out every now and again whats the point of being able to blog. I started blogging to get to know people and get word out about my business. There are so many days I have no clue what I am going to write about until I sit down here. Today I am reading blogs and a new follower of my blog is up for a "Strong Mom" award. So I click over and start reading the finalist.. wow I have to say all eight of those women are STRONG women and MOMS... Here was my pick Night Owl Mama( I know I have been in her shoes before) , please click over there to vote now.. Good luck to all the women who are up for the award..
Here is Night Owl Mama story.. read it laugh with her and GO VOTE!!!
Night Owl Mama says:
July 28, 2009 at 11:13 pm (Edit)

ME! I Nominate ME!

We just left Walmart where I stuffed 2 grocery carts full of bags into the car with 3 hungry kids and 1 very unhappy screaming toddler. My patience was wearing thin and I was at the very end of my rope. Already warning the kids not to say a word on the way home.
I’m driving home going over in my head the last half hour of the eventful shopping trip of “buy me, I need, I said so” and all out floor kicking and screaming tantrums by my 3 yr old. Wondering if the glares and the looks were for his wild staged Gimme’s or my short responded Smile saying, “Isn’t he cute?”, “He must be tired”, “Sorry, He didn’t mean to snatch your cookies out of your cart” was just a few of things that I mumbled at folks who couldn’t help but gasp at my sons staged melt downs all while I held the 16month old screaming because I wouldn’t let him down to run the isle’s and pull down the glass bottles of Chardonnay wine that the store so skillfully placed on the bottom row across from the milk Isle. Someone had a brilliant brain fat on that one!
Day dreaming out the window while sitting at a stop light I was looking at the empty car seat in the car next to me, thinking how lucky she must be to be out driving alone at the very moment. Then I felt it. Rain? Couldn’t be. I looked up. Nope, clear skies. Then I was misted on the side of my face. I peek in my rear view mirror to see what’s going on. All I see peeking down the barrel of a water gun is a shinny eyed, huge smiling sweet 3 yr boy. I glared at him with a slight grin and said,”Who told you to shoot the driver?” He responded, “I’m here to make your day Mommy” and began Giggling. Yes he Was!! He made my day. At that point I realized I was the lucky one. Even when your at your shortest point having a sense of humor your children can still give you reason to Smile.

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