Monday, August 24, 2009


When I first joined facebook it was so I could see keep in better touch with my friends in London. They would post pictures little things like that. I only had 3 friends forever... I never even filled out my information page. Then a friend from high school asked me to add her which I did... then it just exploded from there. I finally filled out some info and put in my high school next thing I know I have 88 friends now how in the heck did that happen.. Seems like overnight. In one way its great because most of them are people I went to school with and have not talked to in over 10 years. A couple are new friends I have met on cafemom and its nice to have another way to chat. Now I have a FARM... and FISH TANK.... why you ask, heck I do not know really why I clicked on that but now that I have the FARM... I am addicted. Its so sad because its not even really that fun. I plow, plant and harvest. I do not even have to water, which is maybe why I do like it. Its easy if only real farms were this easy. The fish tank is a whole other story. I killed all my fish...and my friend Lisa is teasing me about killing them all. Who knew you had to feed fake fish and clean the tank... Before I would spend maybe 20 minutes tops on facebook now I find myself on there three to four times a day... What is wrong with me...I do not add tons of comments or anything just a few to bug my friend Lisa. I used to be so focused on my business so motivated on it. I would spend hours and hours on it and now I am still working just not near as hard. I have another friend on facebook that just cracks me up she has started posting morning zen by Edee

Your Morning Zen: "A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory"

My morning reading routine is facebook, cafemom, and blogs I follow. Normally by the time I am done I am awake and ready for the day. I know you all are thinking why isn't she doing regular homework, laundry, cleaning all that stuff.. Well short version, I live in the country and have to drive my kids to school 26miles one way to school. While they are in school my youngest and I come to our second VERY SMALL HOUSE and hang out until they are done with school. Am I the only one that has become addicted to facebook??


  1. No your not the only one I do the same check my mail & read blogs & Facebook & Cafemom & read the newspaper from back at OHIO. I would love to have you for a friend on there too. Great post !! HUGS & Have a good day !!

  2. I lurve facebook! :) Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I love your baby gifts! So cute!