Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was so busy and went by so fast. Starting Saturday with the T.V. guy coming to install a new receiver and satellite. We had been with the same company for over seven years and when I called them to see if they would upgrade up to a DVR receiver I was told we would have to pay for the receiver. $100.00 for the receiver plus instillation. So I switched and got the DVR for free and more channels for less money plus three months of free showtime. So Saturday morning I am running around cleaning the house and then cleaning behind the TV so when he installs the new receiver he don't faint from all the dust. He shows up around 10 a.m. and takes a look around then starts hooking things up. He was outside hooking up the dish part when I look over and see about 30 wasp.. I tell him to get down and go in the house to get spray. Just what I need is for him to get stung. I do not even want to think about him having allergies or something. We sprayed the dish, they had made a nest inside the pole that was holding the dish. Spiders were in it also and at this point I am so glad he is the one up there and not me. I really hate spiders!! After a hour he is finally done and gone.
Next we go to town to eat dinner and go to our local fair. Tonight was Demo Derby night. Now for some of you that do not know what Demo Derby is. It is a bunch of old cars that have been gutted and spray painted. They bring in the cars into a dirt track that they have created with 4 foot dirt berm on the side. The cars all line up and then they crash into each other until only one car is moving. It is very loud but also very fun to watch. I was not sure how my youngest would do with the noise but she loved the whole thing. Now she walks around saying "ZOOM ZOOM CRASH". Around 10pm we get home and put three really happy tired kids to bed!!
Sunday we go with my husband to check on the baby calves and see how much rain we got on our fields. The baby calves are doing great growing so big and we got around a quarter inch of rain on our Milo field. We decided we needed to go to town for groceries and some lumber. My husband is building a roof over our deck. All the way to town Lyssa is still saying Zoom Zoom Crash. My older two were getting annoyed with her. So they started a game of I spy!! Treven got sick of his older sister always guessing right started to cheat. He would just say nope to whatever she guessed and when she would say fine I am stumped he would then chose his item that he spied.. I will give him credit for choosing something that she never guessed but it you could tell he was working hard to find something after she guessed. Since driving to town for us is a 90 minute affair, I spy and What animal am I are great games to keep them entertained. When we get to town, we split up the shopping. The girls and I go to Wally world, which I am not a big fan of but do not have many choices to go somewhere else. The boys go to Home Depot for the lumber. I will say I did find three shirts on clearance for $3.00 and some sidewalk chalk for .15 cents. Finally we get home at 4pm and start working on the roof. Now its 95 degrees outside and way to hot.. I turn the sprinkler on for the kids and fill up the little kiddie pool we have. I even put on my swim suit( something I have not done in 2 years) and jump in the pool with the kids. I was no help with the roof. It was fun tho pretending to be a kid again, we played many games and even follow the leader. Most days I feel like I have to much to do to just stop and play. I only logged on the computer twice this whole weekend, which in one way was really nice. I did not have to stress about work. On the other hand I am so behind on blogs and work. Today is catch up Monday again!!! I did manage to keep the house fairly clean so I can spend today online. OH yeah and did I mention after all the time the guy spent installing our new receiver he messed something up and we didn't get our local channels. I spent another 45 minutes on the phone with a Tech reinstalling our receiver. I guess if I can not make it selling online I can go into Satellite repair!!!

If you have read all this thank you for putting up with my ramblings. I do have one worth while thing. My sister sent me a email on a website that gives you codes for free stuff. If you have not checked this site out yet you really should. They have over 150,000 coupon codes and free things.
Happy Monday!!


  1. It does sound like you were busy. I am so glad that it doesn't take me that long to get into town. I feel like it is almost that long but only about half!! :)

  2. Thanx 4 the website & I love coupons or free things. I'm a fan of cheap stuff like any deal I can find on sale. And even if there was no website I would have read your post anyway. I love reading. It's just sometimes I don't have the time I would like. I understand about time going so fast & being BUSY !!!! Thanx again 4 stopping by my blog. Have a good week. :0)