Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weddings and Kids!!!

Today's post is going to kinda short. I know you all are thinking YAY I get to save on reading today... My husbands cousin is getting married today and we are all attending. Lexis and Treven get to hand out bubbles to all the guest and then we are also helping with clean up. I can tell you right now today will be STRESSFUL.... I am not concerned about Lexis and Treven they are great kids never cause me any trouble in PUBLIC... Not that they are always angels at home but that is a whole new post. Lyssa my youngest now she is the one that I know I just know deep down that she is going to do something. Last Sunday in church while we were praying she speaks out LOUD " Grandpa Night Night".. Of course the whole congregation hears and just laughs mean while I am turning red. She doesn't sit still well and I know its because she is only 21 months. So a hour sitting won't be easy. I will have my little bag of goodies for her, all you moms know what I am talking about. Books, small QUIET toys, sippy cup of water, and the save all baggie of some type of snack( gummies, cheerios, crackers) all the clean snacks I can think of. Oh yeah and my mother in law decided since the whole family was going to be there we should take family pictures. So not only do I have to keep three kids entertained and happy through the wedding I have to get them to smile after we are done. As you can tell I am not 100% happy about this. Not that I do not want family pictures, I just feel like we have enough to deal with. Then we have a dinner and dance to get through. That should be the easy part but now that I have said that something will happen... Knocking on wood right now!!! I will post pictures tomorrow or Monday.. Wish me luck I hope everyone else has a nice fun Saturday!!!

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