Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ten days of crazy!!!!!

This past week went so fast. My sister came to visit and everyday seemed to just fly by. All day last Sunday Treven and Lexis would ask..... are they here yet, what time did she say she would be here, have you called her to see where she is....and on and on the questions went. Finally at 7 pm she pulled up and my kids were so happy and excited. Well not Lyssa she turned shy on me. She grabbed my leg and buried her head in my lap. Then she decided it was bed time and went to bed. Ewen my nephew was just as excited as my kids. He is three weeks younger then my son. He told his mom they could not stop while they were driving so they could get here faster. What is so funny is they love each other so much but only been around each other a handful of times. We only get to see my sister once or twice a year. since our house is already full with us my sister and nephew stayed in town at our little house I use during the school year. So everyday we had to meet her in town or she had to drive out here.

Monday we took the kids to the zoo. We are very lucky here the zoo is free to walk through and a dollar to drive through. Its not the biggest zoo I have been to but it is really nice. The kids had a blast. Monday night we started bible school from 6 to 8 pm. I left Lyssa with my sister so I wouldn't have to spend all night running after her while I taught crafts. Treven and Lexis were in separate classrooms but both did great. My kids are very shy and quiet I was concerned my son wouldn't even go but he surprised me and had no issues what so ever. Last year he threw the biggest fit and would not go at all. Amazes me what one year does. He attended preschool last year and this year he has really come out of his shell.

Tuesday we went into town to the city park and let the kids play. At 1pm our pool opens and we took the kids swimming. Okay here is where I get the bad mom award. This is the first time we have gone swimming this year. All three of my kids are scared of the water and do not like getting their face wet. Bath time is a struggle around here and personally I was just putting off going to the pool until Lyssa was older. Lyssa ended up going with her dad so it was just the older kids. They had lots of fun. Ewen loves to swim and has no fears at all. My kids loved the baby pool. Lexis did get to where she would put her face in and blow bubbles. NOT Treven tho he is against it and refuses to even try.

Wednesday we spent the day with family. First we went to see my Grandmother and then out to my Uncles house to ride horses. Well that was the plan until my kids seen the horse. My oldest loves horses but was scared once she got close to it. Treven wouldn't have anything to do with the horse at all. Lyssa pet the horse but wouldn't get on even with my cousin riding it.

Thursday we spent the day hanging out at my house letting the kids play. Every night we would go to bible school and by the time Thursday came we were all tired.

Friday we took the kids to Hays Aquatic Park. It is a zero entry pool with two slides, a lazy river and three other pools. We spent 3 hours here and had so much fun. Only hard part was Lyssa never left my side for a minute. She didn't like how the bottom of the pool felt on her feet and refused to get off my hip.

Saturday we met some friends in Scott City and let the kids watch a parade. They got a half a bag of candy, plus bouncy balls and a couple hats. At noon we at lunch with my grandmother and mom. My mom came down to visit and go to backyard bash with us. Which is a car show, bbq cook offs and then they had five live bands. It is held at the local park in town. We went out to dinner then went to listen to the bands. Around 9 pm my sister and I took the kids back to the little house to watch a movie and eat popcorn. My mom also came with us and stayed with the kids. I went back to the park to hang out with friends. When I left the little house I had laid Lyssa down in her play in pack to sleep. I called my sister to make sure everything was going okay. She told me Lyssa crawled out of the play in pack ( this is a new trick she has never done that before) and was mad because I was not there. My mom and sister both ended up feeding her skittles until she fell asleep. This is not something I would have done but one time can not kill her so I didn't say much.

Sunday we attended church and watched the kids sing with the other bible school children. Then later that night we took the kids to a demo derby at the Scott City Free fair. They had cars and pickups. My nephew had never been to anything like this before. My kids had been to one before so knew what to expect. Ewen just loved it and cheered loud and hard. Lyssa threw a hugh fit because she didn't want Treven to sit on my lap. Even though her dad was holding her she didn't want that she wanted me. My first instinct is to grab her and hold her, but I knew that was the wrong move. She has gotten so spoiled and needed to learn she don't always get her way. My hubby ended up holding her until she stopped her fit. It lasted about 20 minutes. Over all it was a great outing.

Monday we went swimming again and out to dinner. Tonight was the last night my sister was going to be here. Saying goodbye was really hard. The whole week was so busy it just flew by.

Tuesday morning at 6am she left, she called and texted me through out the day to let me know where she was. I miss her so much and spend the whole day cleaning my house and getting my kids back in to routine.

Wednesday I had to take the kids in for shots. I swear every year they add shots that they have to have. Lexis only had to have one... she weighed 46 pounds. Treven had to have three and weighed 36 pounds. Lyssa needed SIX....( that was to many ) so we did three and she was able to mix two of the shots. She will have to go back and have two more she weighed 24 pounds. Treven has to go back in six months and get one more. After the shots we went on to a bigger to town to get groceries and clothes for a wedding we have this Saturday. Phew its been a super busy and long week. I left out all the little fights the kids had. This was just the highlights of the week. I am going to spend the rest of the day catching up on reading blogs I have missed.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a full week. I gave you a blog award. ;) Stop by to claim it!

  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.