Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random day!!

For the last couple weeks I have been taking classes and working on designs. I am hoping to launch my new website in a couple weeks. Designing is so much fun and relaxing I wish I had done this before I had kids. Taking classes and working while trying to be a stay at home mom is not that easy. I never get to spend as much time as I want on my work. They are always wanting and needing something. Today is a typical day around here. Getting up at 6am, cooking breakfast, cleaning up breakfast dishes,and starting laundry. My hubby took the kids for a hour this morning so I could take my test for my classes. I got two out of the three done.

I sat down finally at 10:30 am to read other blogs. Today was some really great ones.
Green Around the Edges had "Spidey Sense"... it was so true how us moms just know when our kids needs us. As I was reading this my younger two were outside playing blowing bubbles, and other things that I am not sure I want to know about. I always check on them every couple of minutes and I was glad I did. I went out to find my youngest eating mud!!! YUCK
Next was My Parenting 411 Very funny "Bad Mom Moments". Here I just had one of these bad mom moments so reading this one made me feel so much better.
After laughing at others pictures I started reading The Croley Gang "Read with Us" she talks about how God is with us through everything. This past year has been very tough on me and my family and I cling to God to help me get through it all.
Next on my list is Runnin' Late Again" What the heck" I just had to laugh at her post on the idoit who was trying to text and drive...
Now I realize its almost noon and I havn't posted myself yet. I really like to post before noon and in the afternoons read more post or blog hop around. The post I highlighted today just fit in with how my day was going. Its been a random day, and I am sure it won't change as I sit here and type my oldest two are playing with baby kittens. My youngest is sitting next to me saying.. MOM..MOM.. OHHH MOM... yeah she wants to eat. So I am off to make lunch.. Have a great day everyone!!!!


  1. Sounds like a day at my house & Wow kids always want something. I usually don't get much time during the day except for 2-3 hrs, if I'm lucky. At nite after I get the bunch to bed then it's my Mommy time. I'm glad you liked my post. I always enjoy reading yours. Take care :) HUGS

  2. Men think that we are so lucky to stay home, watch the kids, work from home... Yeah! Like they ever tried doing it!
    Having time to yourself is almost impossible. Kids are first and like croley69 said, Mommy time is afterhours when everybody is taken care of.