Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Product of the Month... On Sale

Today was a crazy busy day in the Beesley house. Started out at 6am with Lyssa once screaming MOMMMMMMM. I think this is now a habit and I am at a loss as to how to break her. At 6am I am still half a sleep its more of a automatic response that I just get out of bed go in her room and pick her up. Its hard to be upset when you walk into her room and see her big smiling face. She always says HI!! Then she hands you her blanket and stuffed cat. After gathering everything up she is ready for her morning cup of milk. Lexis and Treven normally get woke up by Lyssa's yelling and are also up and ready for breakfast. Yesterday afternoon I noticed a little red ring on my sons shoulder and after talking to my doctor we decided to go in to have it checked out. I was pretty sure it was ring worm but not 100%. I have never had or seen it before. My niece, nephew, kids grandmother and grandfather all have ring worm at the moment. My mother in law got two new kittens who was nice enough to share this lovely infection. Lucky for us it is no biggie and treatable with some over the counter meds. To bad I had to pay a $25.00 co-pay to find this out. Oh well at least I know for sure what it is and what to watch for with the others. Finally at 2pm we get back home after unloading the car and getting everything settled down I wanted to get online. ONLY NO first I thought something was wrong with our DSL so after resetting it three times and restarting my laptop and desktop three times.. Yeah you would think after two times I would have called to find out what the issue was but nope it took me three times. I tend to be very stubborn and always try and fix things myself. Anyway the very nice lady from our Internet company explained that everyone was off and they were working on it. That is why I find myself working on my blog at 4pm instead of 8am... I have to take meals to the field in a couple hours and do my homework later. Plus all my normal day to day chores, dishes, laundry, picking up TOYS... GRRR TOYS... I hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday and here is to a relaxing Friday( I can dream)!!!! Also since its the beginning of the month I have picked my July product.

Every month I pick one product that I love and show it of here! Below explains all the details of this awesome stool. We also carry one in Jungle theme and a white one for girls with Butterfly's and Flowers!

July Product of the Month is..........

Large Flip-Wood Stool Sports

Large Flip-Wood Stool Sports
Product Information

Another great seller.

Don't be fooled by other retailers who sell low quality wood.

Keep it simple with the Sports design or add Personalization to this Large Flip Stool with the baby's name.

The wood is natural and smooth, the gloss lead free, the paint acrylic, and the look - Spectacular!

It will be a keepsake forever.

Up to 9 letters.

Measures 12"x 11"x 13"

- There is a $4 extra shipping charge for this item because of it's size.

Usually ships within 3-4 business days.
Price-$60.00 on SALE-$49.95

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